Security Lock And Key - Alarms, Locksmithing And Surveillance

With todays State of the art surveillance technology you can monitor camera
activity over a network anywhere around the globe with the click of a mouse.
Flexible camera setups allow for a very secure and easy to use system.
We offer surveillance for any application or level of security.

Protect your Home
Protect your Business

DVR (digital video recorder) Features

From a Single camera to a Network linked Multi Camera
setup featuring Real-time digital recording.

-Scheduled recording.
-Zoom functions.
-Burn directly to disc or usb drive.
-Event recall via time and date search.
-Password controlled Admin functions.
-High Resolution ability.


Camera styles

Bullet Cameras

-INFARED night vision option.
-Full colour options.
-High resolution cameras available
-Great for narrow Applications.
-Small and compact.
-Built-in U.V. shade

Dome Cameras

-Fully weather-proof design.
-Tinted glass available.
-Great for retail point of sale setups.
-INFARED night vision option.
-Full colour options.
-High Resolution Options.

-High tempered plastic casing.

Commercial / Heavy Duty Grade

-Motorized angle controls.
-Built in zoom functions.
-Cooling fan in camera casing.
-Rugged and durable housing.
-For commercial and Institutional use.